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LearnEF is an educational institute specializing in teaching English through the idea of distance education, which provides the opportunity for as many students as possible to learn the language anywhere, anytime, and in the best way.

The LearnEF Institute was founded in 2001 in New York City by a group of professors, lecturers, and programmers with experience in the field of teaching English.

At LearnEF, we provide very experienced teachers in the field of teaching English to non-native speakers who have high academic degrees from major universities in both America and Europe. We also provide the right environment for students to study, which helps them stay motivated and entertained during educational lessons.

Our online English lessons connect you with real American teachers through live video chats. You can participate in lessons, educational programs, and discussions between students from your home according to your time, and you can also find out your level of English from basic to beginner, intermediate, and even advanced levels using the language tests available on our website.

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Live Classes

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Flexible & Convenient Times for Everyone

Video lectures with the purest sound & the highest quality

The Best English-Speaking Teachers

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In order to apply for our courses please kindly send us your inquiry of interest. We shall revert back immediately.

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