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At this level, the student has passed the first stage of the English language by having the basics of language reading, writing, conversation, and rules. Hence the focus is on the student mainly to support these points and move forward to reach the advanced stage. The focus of this stage is to increase the English vocabulary of the student to the average so that he can talk about himself more, such as talking about his experience and field of work and interests, and talk about the family. Students can also talk about different things, such as nature, atmosphere, everyday life, and people in a clear and understandable way, using good English grammar. In this stage, the student will be able to access a number of vocabulary that is larger than the English language so that they can be used to construct sentences that are more complex than in the first stage in a clear and clear language.

We provide the most advanced ways of modern education through the presentation of ideas and information and course materials by the lecturer on the program of the World Wide Web through images and forms and phrases and thousands of examples within the subject of discussion with educational materials attractive and enjoyable. In addition, the focus of the teacher on the student is in need of a very large.

A pure learning environment will be provided to student groups through virtual classes online through the WebEx program, a highly developed program used at universities and US institutes that will be downloaded to the student free of charge through the Learn EF technical support section. The program is innovative and funky like other conference-meeting programs. The voice and the image are clearly in the lecture, which will be live and direct with the teacher and the other colleagues in the lecture. It also features the ability to record and save lectures after each lecture. The screen is divided into two halves the right picture of the teacher and the bottom of the rest of the students and the left educational material. The student can study through the laptop or desktop or smart mobile devices.

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Reach greater self-confidence through the ease of using the English language in an advanced, flexible, and uncomplicated manner, and in full compliance with the basics of English language and grammar without grammatical errors. As well as increasing the number of English words of basic progress towards the advanced stage as well as supporting and strengthening the rules of the English language to get to build sentences in English properly.

End of the course The student is able to understand the medium sentences of difficulty and how to deal with different topics such as the scope of work and the environment in which the family and life in their fields. The student can also start speaking in English immediately in any field on average, which gives him self-confidence and not hesitate to support his language and development.

B1 the main points can be understood for clearly familiar issues such as work, recreation, school, etc.
Most cases that are likely to arise during travel can be handled in an area where the language is spoken.
You can write a simple text about familiar or personal topics.
It can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, and aspirations and briefly give reasons and interpretations of opinions and plans.

B2 the main ideas can be understood from complex texts either in specific or abstract topics, including technical discussions area of specialization.
It can interact with a degree of spontaneity and fluency that makes regular interaction with potential speakers very stress-free for either side.
It can produce clear, detailed texts on a wide range of topics, explain its point of view in one hour issue and give advantages and disadvantages to various aspects.

The Institute’s faculty is one of the best lecturers in the United States of America. Without a doubt, learning English requires the strongest teachers and the most efficient, and here is what we provide mainly to the student to ensure the highest results and the best. All of our teachers are accredited with higher academic degrees from the major US and European universities and have sufficient experience in teaching English to non-native speakers.

After each lecture, the student receives immediate feedback on the student file directly from the lecturer and the supervisor of the lecture, which is also directed to the student throughout the course of the program. The feedback contains all the observations that were taken by the lecturer and supervisor.


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