Private One-to-One Course

We give the best One-to-One Program

Our special lessons are the best choice for people who do not want to study in groups and prefer to study alone. You will receive individual attention at this session and we will identify together the contents of the program. The study will help you individually learn faster and more intensively. So choose the topics or areas where you need to improve and we will prepare a course that you will definitely enjoy!

This course is characterized by the selection of the student to the appropriate times in proportion to his time and full-time and in turn, we provide his teacher throughout his educational program individually and accordingly is building a tailor-made educational line suited to the needs of the student so as to enable the teacher to focus on all the strengths and improvement of the student And work on them during the study period.

In this case, the student will be given a package at the end of a certain period. He may terminate this package within a few months and may terminate it within a full year depending on the number of shares in the package.

The student can choose his preferred teacher and in turn, help the student.

The student may also change the appointment schedule if he has any convincing reason to contact the teacher directly without going back to the institute, or if he wants to change Teacher or similar.

The student can also join a group lessons course as well as tutoring as a kind of reinforcement class in case he feels he is behind the rest of the students due to several absences for example or similar.

Our Packages:

20 lessons (the minimum the student can take as reinforcement lessons with group lessons)
30 lessons (which is a full level of the language) extend its validity is 4 months from the time of registration
31-50 Studied and valid for 6 months from the time of registration
51-70 Studied and valid for 9 months from the time of registration
70 lessons or more, the validity period is 12 months from the time of registration
Results Direct feedback
  • Learn the real skills of daily life situations that you face at work
  • Gain confidence in your ability to speak, listen to, read, and write English while learning about the culture of nations in the developed world, such as America and Britain.
  • Learning by the best and most experienced teachers who focus on your individual needs all the time
  • Enjoy lessons with clear goals that are interactive and fun
  • Study individually and gain confidence by receiving direct feedback from your teacher.
  • We recommend our individual courses for people who want to study during work hours at their office or in our educational centers, and those who have previously had difficulty learning in courses with large numbers of students.

For more information, you can contact the registration department and if you are a registered student you can send a message to the customer service department, and will communicate with you as soon as possible

After each lecture, the student receives immediate feedback on the student file directly from the lecturer and the supervisor of the lecture, which is also directed to the student throughout the course of the program. The feedback contains all the observations that were taken by the lecturer and supervisor.


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